After personal contact follows the most effective way of communication is the visual communication - personal communication in real time with visual communications technologies. The more Your life conforms to the real-time rhythm, the higher Your chances of success, to learn something new, to get around your competitors in the market.

Now video and telepresence solutions can be used not only by senior management. Technology that was once available only to the elect, now anyone can use.

With visual communication you can get information from various sources to carry out the centralized enterprise management and to achieve the optimum time ratio spent by employees at work and at home. Cisco TelePresence allows you:

  • reduce transportation costs;
  • speed up the decision-making process;
  • transform workflows

Among the advantages of video communications and telepresence - not only cost savings, but also opportunity to earn and strengthen competitive advantage. Cisco TelePresence is a technology that pays for itself. Desktop system for the head of the company is cheaper than two international trips.

The approximate equipment cost (MCU server up to 12 HD ports/conference participants)