The desk of the centralized monitoring «Raduga»

The Desk of Centralize Monitoring "Raduga" - is a complex hardware-software package, it has implemented a lot of technical ideas that make this panel unique in its kind. It is part of the system we have developed the distributed panels that allows its customers to use the services of centralized protection, even the entire console fails.

DCM "Raduga" uses the equipment of world leaders in switching, routing, video and computer equipment, includes over 250 km of fiber-optic lines laid throughout the city and connecting many peripheral monitoring station with each other and with Central Security Office to ensure high availability.

The newest console and terminal (installed at the customer's) own production equipment constantly and promptly updated based on security requirements and customer preferences. At the same time, the DCM "Raduga" supports integration with almost any other domestic and foreign protection systems, allowing you to connect facilities, already equipped by other organizations to the protection system.

At DCM "Raduga" is provided compulsory duplication of all information channels, and continuous monitoring of safety and efficiency that provides extremely high reliability.

The advantages of DCM "Raduga", of course, include the following:

  • high professionalism of rapid response teams and technical service employees;
  • using of modern equipment with the necessary checks and appropriate certificates;
  • low cost services;
  • the possibility of using various ways of transmission channels, Ethernet, GPRS, GSM, and telephone line, a radio channel (more routes of transmission is more reliability).

Prices for DCM "Raduga" services

All DCM "Raduga" customers have free lifetime warranty on all our manufacture equipment