Currently, companies require from their networks more than ever before. In our time from the networks requires the support of communication tools – including data, voice and video to improve the business communications quality and reduce the operating costs.

Access methods have also changed since to the network via wired and wireless connections are connected thousands of new devices.

Our company is engaged in networks construction for many years, including in Moscow, laid more than 250 kilometers of fiber-optic networks linking the city areas. Taking into account the specifics of your company's growth, jobs, existing and planned applications in the network we will find and install all required network active and passive equipment, if necessary, will make its setting.

Main advantages:  

  • The Cisco switching ensure maximum uptime, high throughput, rapid deployment, improved access and automated operation.
  • Internet access to local servers, such as Web and e-mail servers.
  • WAN interface for connecting small and medium enterprises, such as leased line T1 / E1, Ethernet, and also various DSL and broadband cable connections.
  • Wireless technologies, given the wireless access points scalability to a few hundred or a thousands pieces. The intelligent network is a structure that allows wireless LAN solutions make full use of existing tools, knowledge base and resources of the wired infrastructure to address critical issues of security, deployment, and monitoring of the WLAN.
  • NAT - Use the private IP addresses on the local network and the public IP address on WAN interface, as well as public server located in DMZ  zone.
  • QoS – Continuous quality of service covering both local network and global.
  • Security – Set policies based on the context, which allows customers to easily set the necessary security policies and manage them.
  • The use of security policies based on user identity, device information, and other related attributes.
  • DMZ zone security policies
  • VPN technologies - The use of appropriate VPN technologies to support home offices, mobile users and remote offices.
  • Built-in functions for voice - includes PoE support and related QoS functions on routers and switches.