IP telephony

«Telemak» offers You the organization of telephone network based on Cisco Unified Communicationns.

Implementation of solutions based on Cisco Unified Communications has the following advantages:

  • possibility of building a small business telephone system based on the Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR) (2901,2911,2921 and other series, allows you to connect up to 35, 50 or 100 phones respectively). In the future you can expand the system without replacing existing equipment.
  • Cisco Unified Communications architecture provides centralized of telephone system, its management and control. One IP telephone system for private use (IP PBX) operates a large number of jobs.
  • Video telephony (video integrated with telephony functions) provides advanced capabilities for employees communication, reduces the need for business trips and allows you to save.
  • Integration with remote Cisco routers for the purpose of hedging (does not require additional devices)
  • The ability to integrate telephony with Corporate Telephone Directory
  • Simple wiring diagram jobs, introduction of additional opportunities across the company.
  • The remote users connected to the corporate network via VPN, may use a software phone (softphone) which is equivalent to a workplace.
  • All domestic calls go directly through the corporate IP network for greater cost savings.
  • Integrating CRM - System Customer Relationship Management (Showing personal caller ID on the IP phone or PC, “one-touch”call, talk-time registration)
  • Cisco Unified Contact Center (call center) solution has great flexibility (operator connection via wide area network (WAN), public switched telephone network (PSTN), distributed interactive voice response), it solves the problem of excess equipment (main and secondary call centers can be scattered among different branches). It is also possible to integrate an automatic signal distribution and interactive voice response.
  • Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) allows you to automate routine procedures, previously operators spent time (for example: the provision of automatic background information about the company, obtaining the client's own current account, etc.). According to statistics, the percentage of calls handled by the IVR, can reach 65-70% of total number of calls.
  • Building a database query.
  • Generation voice prompts or convert arbitrary text to the audio stream, technology voice generation TTS (Text-To-Speech) allows you to provide subscribers with arbitrary text data by phone in an audio format that cannot be recorded in advance in the sound bites form. IVR technology with TTS allow to go to around-the-clock service calls, promotes the customer base growth, which consequently increases the company's revenues. It is also possible to expand the market by attracting customers from other time zones. Employees serving customers are exempt from routine work and focus on more important matters. Staff efficiency is increased.

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