The inclusion for an hour. Security without monthly fees

If you need to leave on a business trip or on vacation and you have no time to equip your apartment security alarm, then there is a unique offer from DCM "Raduga" - the inclusion to the desk for 1 hour without mounting the equipment.

The service is possible thanks to the newly released mobile alarm button "Garuda". "Garuda" - is a multifunctional device with size of a little less than a cigarettes pack, which, in addition to its main function - personal assistance and location tracking can be used for full protection of small spaces. "Garuda" capabilities:

  • implement protection of premises, vehicle or other limited space via two built-in sensors
  • arming and disarming the object
  • call the police
  • determine the coordinates of an object when a sensor triggered, the alarm button is pressed and at any other time using the built-in GPS module or mobile base stations, if you're in the room
  • transmit alarm message to the desk when location change is fixed after arming the object
  • transmit the alarm message and the protection object location by SMS to three mobile phone numbers
  • provide an opportunity for the most demanding users to configure "Garuda" for their needs

Thus - the inclusion for an hour. What does this mean from a practical side?

We can deliver you "Garuda" and the contract on security on the same day.

You can arrive to us to buy "Garuda", and conclude the contract on security.

It is also possible autonomous use "Garuda" without invoking the protection of the crews; then You can register "Garuda" on our free service and monitor the protected object status from your personal account:

  • view a log sent by "Garuda" and the map coordinates from our website
  • receive messages via SMS and view the "Garuda" location directly from your mobile phone