"Raduga" sortware package

Raduga hardware-software package is intended for the desk of monitoring automation. It is a brand new product that incorporates all recommendations and suggestions of employees desk of monitoring with police in Moscow, and employees of commercial monitoring companies that actively use it. “Raduga” includes a server and several clients (in a minimal configuration the client and server can be installed on the same computer), each client defines a workstation.

Unlike software "Antej" software package “Raduga” is built on the three-tier architecture, ie customers do not connect directly to the database and connect with the server only. It is possible to significantly improve the performance, reliability, efficiency, to provide better data protection, the ability to work in a variety of network configurations.

Аpplication areas

  • Desk of central monitoring organization for private security
  • Desk of central monitoring organization in cottage and holiday villages, garage associations, etc., with centralized security posts
  • Monitoring various parameters of the objects and remote objects
  • Monitoring (tracking) of mobile objects using GPS / GLONASS navigation

Key features of “Raduga” software package

  • Working with the Guard Panels on channels GSM, GPRS, Ethernet, LARS, telephone network
  • Working with repeaters Altair
  • Working with automatic and manual devices (arm / disarm, reception and processing of alarms and monitoring systems)
  • Managing by response teams
  • Display the protection objects and response teams on the map in real time
  • Full documentation (reports, summaries, operative cards, certificates, contracts etc.)
  • Integration with voice machine Cisco IVR that allows you to make voice alert customers
  • Alarm button automated test
  • Protocols and logs storage on several levels for a set period of time
  • Managed and customizable access to data for each employee
  • Access to the protected object information and its current state via the Internet from your personal account
  • Mobile client for Android, designed for use on tablets and smartphones
  • Information about objects, regardless of their type and their means of protection, is stored in a common database and can be viewed and changed from any workstation (with appropriate permissions)
  • Messages received from objects in a common protocol and can also be processed on any workstation (complex has ample opportunities for setting the distribution flow of messages on various workstations, depending on the required conditions)
  • Full description of the protection hardware configuration (The Gard Panels, detectors, accessories, etc.). Device types are also described in the database of their properties, the system makes it easy to introduce new types already in operation, adding, if necessary, appropriate services for receiving notifications
  • It allows you to handle on any workstation messages received on any (or the other) computer. The same applies to the managing of panel with manual arm / disarm; repeater can be connected to one computer, and manage and receive messages from any other
  • High automation and integration degree with DCM services. The system provides not only receive messages, but their preliminary analysis, filtering, grouping and transfer to desired operator. Alarm messages are logged, the system tracks all actions taken by the DCM staff for processing an alarm situation
  • The system monitors its own, when disorders in the package relevant DCM services are informed about the necessary debug events
  • Generates a lot of documents required for DCM - reports, summaries, operative cards, certificates, contracts, and allows you to attach external documents to the objects. The documents are created in Microsoft Word, they can be edited and printed
  • High reliability and fault tolerance - for what provides several tools - automatic database backup, switch to a different database or work offline workstation. Failure of one workstation all its functions are automatically transferred to another. All events logged in the system, especially important - at several levels, and an archive of events for the entire period of work. Each operator is limited to those powers that are given to him by the system administrator
  • The installer provides an easy installation as the proper software package, and all the necessary external programs and drivers

Extend the functionality of “Raduga” software package compared to "Antej".

  • Each client is assigned a unique name, which can not match the computer name (making it easy to replace).
  • When you delete records from the database will not be deleted, but marked as deleted. If necessary, deleted records can be viewed or restored.
  • Support for mobile objects of protection.
  • Changed the phone line monitoring enter principle, now you can set the control Gard Panel.
  • When you enter employee empowerment can be used standard roles.
  • The apartments in the list displays the tenant.
  • List of panel devices, repeaters list and the contracts list are now in the main window Engineer’s workstation.
  • Information in the protocol, alarm log, the fault log is more complete, in two-line form.
  • As the log is used the system event log.
  • All communications with the notices receivers and repeaters are recorded to special dump files that can be viewed directly from the workstation. Means are provided for easy analysis of the dump.
  • More control over data correctness when writing and editing.
  • The policyholder may seem, and may not appear on the list of trusted/responsible persons of the object.
  • All posts about editing devices, facilities, contracts, manuals are written in the desk comments list. Presents opportunities view, filter and print the comments list.
  • From the administrator's workstation of any computer can be set the time on the server.
  • From the administrator's workstation of any computer, the server can be restarted.
  • In a summary of the objects list added a number of points.
  • Added ability of forming extended summary document, similar to the report "Desk numbers list".
  • Changed the fault log organization, now for the same device can be detected several failures of different types at the same time.
  • Guard schedule in the duty workstation and inspector workstation appears with zones, if they have their own guard schedule.
  • Interaction with Call center possibility, automatic call by phone users, the duty of and the staff.
  • Instead of "Advanced Search" implemented easier and faster "Random search", improved "Quick search".
  • Can generated automatic lists of objects on the set filter conditions.
  • Added advanced control lists, edit, delete, merge, invert lists, as well as with the ability to automatically convert a list in hand.
  • The lists can be grouped into folders.
  • Supports Communicator "Golub".
  • The possibility of the creation of a report on the commissioning / decommissioning (+ updated template).
  • In the settings of phone Guard Panel for virtual sections added option "Use the ID of the base section".
  • Added option "Hide failures, No messages from device".
  • Added special sound signals for the event "communication failure" and "power failure".
  • All audio signals included in the delivery of software. They are stored in the Sounds folder.
  • The package includes documentation for all supported hardware types. The particulars of the type of device allows you to view the available documentation for this device type. Added documentation and photos to each device type.
  • In the repeater settings have the opportunity to add all child devices in a single operation.
  • Automatic repeater configuration and diagnostic in a single operation with a clear results presentation.
  • Added the ability to create maintenance applications for the protection facilities and monitor their implementation.
  • Now you can create reports on alert in several forms.
  • Added reports "by the objects number", "devices change analysis".
  • There were a means of identifying and analyzing the reception errors.
  • The phone number monitor at the reception.
  • The package runs a new service - VoIP, receive messages directly from a digital line IP-telephony.
  • The display objects and response teams on a new map, more convenient and intuitive.
  • Added option in the parameters of the Guard Panel "fixed alarm when disarming by anonymous user".
  • The client part consists of a single executable file Raduga.exe, which includes available in "Antej" engineer, duty, inspector workstations and services designed for the reception of notifications received via different communication channels. The configuration of each workstation is set when installing the system, and may be subsequently changed. In addition, the software package includes the system administrator workstation designed for system configuration diagnostics and recovery.
  • Supports object devices of "Strelets-Integral".

More complete list of changes in the software package presented here.


АРМ дежурного АРМ инспектора АРМ инженера

Hardware requirements

The software package runs on Windows any version of since Windows 2000. The client working under Windows 98 acceptable, but not recommended.

"Raduga" server is installed and runs as a standard Windows service, it uses the database manager Firebird 2 or compatible.


When installing the software package "Raduga" on top of "Antej", a new database in which all data is transferred from an existing database. Thus, the installation of "Raduga" not disturb "Antej" is admissible and simultaneous work on the same computer (in this case it is necessary to monitor conflicts in access to external devices).

At the link below you can download the current version of "Raduga" software package. If you have a security key is provided by full-time job; in its absence, the program runs in demo mode. Demo mode has the following limitations:

  • not more than 20 objects in the database;
  • no more than 30 devices in the database;
  • no more than 2 clients.

Acceptable install "Raduga" without protection key on already existing database "Antej" with a large number of objects; In this case, the introduction of new objects in the database will be denied, but with the existing objects in the database, you can run a full-fledged manner.

To buy the protection key, please contact the sales department.


Скачать ПК «Радуга»"Raduga" software package. (version 1.4.0)