Mobile client "Raduga"

Mobile Client "Raduga" includes two different applications (after installing on your phone or tablet two icons will appear): a mobile client for DCM "Raduga" and tracker "Raduga". Applications are completely independent - tracker is working with its servers and with a separate database and mobile client - servers with DCM.

Applications are designed to work on any mobile device - smartphones and tablet computers.

Mobile client Raduga allows you to instantly get information about protected object and monitor its state from anywhere in the world.

Client “Raduga”can be used in several modes:

  • Desk clients to monitor the protected object status.
  • As a personal mobile alarm button. Also supported hardware button (plugs into the headphone socket) to bring aid "to the touch".
  • The operational response teams, captures when it detects intruders penetrating object. It provides the possibility of intruders prosecution by location on the map if mobile protected object (the car). Receiving alarms, object information, plan and location of protection zones automatically. Provided input the reports of response teams, the ability to call reinforcements.
  • The desk of central monitoring employees involved installation, maintenance and repair of security systems at the facilities. Provides information of the hardware configuration, object features, diagnostic results, trusted and responsible persons list, and the possibility to contact them.

The mobile client displays an object description, its condition, hardware configuration. Displays list of trusted and responsible persons with their addresses and phone numbers. You can quickly connect with any of them by click on the selected person in the list.

Mobile Client «Raduga»


Mobile Client «Raduga»


Mobile Client «Raduga»




To monitor the mobile client state displays a protocol - a list of all events logged in the facility for the last time and the list of recorded alarms. The status and the log are updated in real time.

In the app's integrated the region map. The map displays the current location of the protected object and the mobile client (i.e. user). The map can be displayed traffic jams, and the location is updated in real time, allowing you to build the fastest route to the object, as well as to the persecution.


Mobile Client «Raduga»


If the object is equipped with video cameras, the client allows video surveillance in real time.

The application can run in the background without interfering with normal use of your smartphone or tablet. At the same time for monitoring relevant information is continuously updated from the server, and when it detects alarm conditions are issued appropriate pop-up notifications.

Tracker "Raduga" is designed to monitor the location of traveling employees or your loved ones. Install the application itself and to the mobile device of the employee or of the child, and you can watch their movements on the map.

Tracker allows you to view the move history for any period on the map.


Mobile Client «Raduga»


Mobile Client «Raduga»




Button "Alarm" sends the message to all linked devices about calling help to your current location.

There is a possibility to route traffic from your current location to any linked device.

There are warning about moving the device outside the defined area.

After restarting the device, the application starts automatically. Also controlled unloading of applications or loss of communication with the server.

The application uses smart energy saving to save your battery life.

Tracker allows flexible configuration mode. The application can work as a beacon or an alarm button (observed), as monitor (observer) or these functions can be combined on the same device. The number of observed and observers in one device is not restricted.


Widget for Android


To quickly launch a mobile client and for use as a mobile alarm button the client includes a widget.

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