Colibri bar

For those who have a mobile alarm button «Garuda» or «Colibri», or set «Mini Colibri» on the smartphone / communicator, Telemak has developed the Colibri bar. This plugin for Internet Explorer browser allows a computer and Internet access to locate someone who has entrusted you to do the appropriate permissions. Colibri Bar is a button (or several) on the browser, which opens Page Google-maps and Yandex maps, where have noted Button carrier location at the moment. Google-maps (maps.google.ru) и Yandex-maps (maps.yandex.ru) - is a public resources with a single map almost the entire globe with a friendly interface that allows you without difficulty to find any place on the planet, measure the distance or to make your way on foot or vehicular.

Colibri Bar allows you to display the location of several instances of Mobile Alarm Button if they are registered with the configuration.

The program is free and distributed freely.

It looks like Colibri Bar

Так выглядит Колибри-бар и результат его действия.     Так выглядит Колибри-бар и результат его действия.

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