Hardware and software for your security company

The company «Telemak» has extensive experience in organizing of security monitoring service. We can create a system of any complexity and configuration. The unique fail-over and scalability system operates in Moscow through our work. It combines several security panels and can fully function even in case of failure of several lines, or desks. Part of this system is the Desk of Central Monitoring «Raduga», where we have implemented a number of technical ideas to facilitate user interaction with desk and its operation by security company, for example:

  • Automated Alarm Button test by phone, reducing load on the line and excluding operator from the verification scheme
  • Automated voice messaging of clients about fixed alarms and other events with the ability to control
  • Protection object status monitor on the internet from your personal account

Below is the minimum necessary set for the organization of Remote Central Service


Console Terminal Device MT040M. More

Console terminal device MT040M designed to transmit and receive notifications via a telephone line. It supports all relevant communication protocols. On a network device provides distribution of posts between jobs. MT040M able to identify the caller ANI formats, CallerID FSK, CallerID DTMF. This console device has no competitors in usability and functionality.


«Raduga» software package is the best software package available on the market, and its capabilities is unique among its competitors. This software package is a set of workstations, services necessary for alarm messages and a common database. This database contains information on all the objects installed on their equipment, plans to host it, and general information about the equipment, its characteristics, peculiarities, etc. The interaction between these components (databases, workstations, services) allows a very flexible configuration. The permissions of each user (or user group) can be configured as you need. If you have the required permissions, the user can change the required settings from any computer on the service network. The software package fully automates your Remote Central Service - from pre-processing messages until the formation of the necessary documents. One operator working on the «Raduga» software package can serve up to 10,000 objects.