Mobile objects guard

Telemak offers a new service - personal mobile security. It is based on a mobile alarm button "Garuda", which is your personal security. Wherever you are, in emergency case, police or private security companies will always be able to come to your aid.

The operating principle of the device is as follows. "Garuda" - compact, no larger than a mobile phone, and it must always be with you. In the event of an emergency, you need to press a single button; it can be done unnoticed, even with your hand in the pocket. After that, your location is determined by means of satellite global positioning system GLONASS / GPS. Then your coordinates are sent to the desk of central monitoring by mobile network (GSM) and operator calls closest patrol outfit to you. The response time of the system is only 3-4 minutes, despite its apparent complexity.

Equipping such a button your child, you will always know where he is, as all the device movement are logged on the server. You can always check them from your personal account. you value your life and property, the health of your relatives and friends, you‘ll appreciate "Garuda" opportunity.

Also, you can use "Garuda" as an ordinary security device - it has two built-in sensors (IR sensor and shock sensor), and can also define changing its coordinates as alarm. This allows you to use it for quick protection, for example, car, or any small object without any mounting hardware.

Recommended equipment for the mobile objects guard: