Solutions for apartment security with connection to the Desk of Central Monitoring

Guard of apartments, houses or cottages is provided by installation security equipment. In general, it’s a set of sensors forming zones of protection, and the heart of the system - security panel, or in special terms - The object terminal device. The number and types of protection zones determined by the size of the protected object and the desired level of security - protection from certain threats. On admission alarm message to the Remote Central Service a response group is sent immediately on the protected object, to prevent the offense.

Modern security sensors and other electronic security devices (various sensors and control devices) are combined in security complex, which monitors all alarms:

  • penetration into the house;
  • threat of attack on you;
  • fire occurrence;
  • gas leakage;
  • water leakage;
  • monitoring of home life support systems.

There are lots of different types of sensors (detectors), differing by operating principle, method and detection range, view areas for protection and a host of other features. To guard apartments they often use passive infrared sensors reacting to the human body heat radiation in the protected area. These sensors are relatively inexpensive, reliable, highly reliable detection (practically impossible to deceive them) and have a small proportion of false positives. In addition to passive infrared sensors that control the amount of space, apartments are often complementary protection perimeter - sensors open or broken windows or doors.

A significant question the choosing technical means of protection - to use a wired or wireless detectors. Wireless (radio) detectors are more expensive, but do not require wiring in the apartment, unsightly. In addition, the wiring also costs money, so the savings might be insignificant, or it may not be at all. Some disadvantages of using wireless detectors is a need for periodic replacement of their batteries. Most types of the object terminal devices produced by Telemak, support using different types of wireless detector.

Another important safety feature is the presence of the alarm button, allowing you to call for help in attack quickly and quietly. All Telemak’s Object Terminal Devices are equipped by compact remote key fobs with function of emergency assistance. You can press a button on the key fob even holding your hand in the pocket.

The choice of Object Terminal Device is determined by the desired functionality and affordable way communication with the Remote Central Service at a particular facility. Unlike many other manufacturers, Telemak offers multi-channel devices, using in multiple modes of notices transmission on the control panel. Channel message transmission is a bottleneck in any security system, because when it is violated or malicious damage, the notice from the guarded object stop coming to the Control Panel, whatever happened. In the best case, can be fixed malfunction of the communication channel. For example, the most common security panels linked with the remote central service only over a wired telephone line, if it's broken, central service will remain deaf and blind to what is happening on the object, and malfunction will be recorded at best only in a few hours. To increase the safety of the object Telemak uses the devices with addition backup channel for communication with remote service.

Recommended equipment for apartments guard: