Solutions for cottage village and garage cooperative

House, cottage and garage guarding has its own specifics. First of all, it is a requirement for equipment to maintain performance over a wide temperature range, when installed in unheated rooms, in conditions of high humidity and other environmental influences. Telemak produces a number of the Object Terminal Devices for harsh environments. This devices enclosed in a sealed aluminum body, and can work in the temperature range -30 ... + 50 ° C.

A factor that must be considered when selecting equipment for the protection of remote cottages or houses - the possible lack of the usual communication channels.Often, there is not only the Internet or a wired telephone, but there is nothing even a mobile communication or it works extremely unstable. In this case the alternative may be radio in a dedicated for the protection range. Telemak manufactures a range of devices with radio channel, and has a license for the used frequencies.

If you need to protect not only the garage in the garage co-op or is not only house in the cottage, then perhaps the best solution is an organization of their own small panel in the guard room. In the minimum version required for this one computer, a special modem and the software «Antej» or «Raduga» And, of course, protected objects must be equipped themselves. With extensive experience of panel protection organization, our company can creating Remote Control Service in your cottage, country partnership, garage cooperative in the shortest time.

Рекомендуемое оборудование:

The object terminal device AS006H «Solovey»

Security system "Solovey" is very convenient for the protection of country houses, garages, industrial buildings from fire and intruders. The device is made in a sealed enclosure and designed to work over a wide temperature range. «Solovey» uses the GSM channel to send messages, but also includes a radio transmitter ATS100 for the transmission of messages by radio, which increases the reliability of the security system in case of failure of transmission over GSM. Compared to similar devices «Solovey» can work on objects where is no wired telephone network, significantly expanding its scope. The device analyzes the information from the sensors, and sends a message to the control panel and to user’s mobile phone.

The object terminal device AS009M

Alarm control device "Antey AS009M" is made in a sealed enclosure and is ideal to protect unheated areas against fire and intruders. Compared to similar devices "Antey AS009M" can transmit messages via radio. This makes possible to use it in places where there is no any wired, and mobile communications. The device analyzes information from the sensors, and sends a message to the control panel (via radio).

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