Solutions for apartment security with connection to the Desk of Central Monitoring

Guard of apartments, houses or cottages is provided by installation security equipment. In general, it’s a set of sensors, forming zones of protection, and the heart of the system - security panel, or in special terms - The Guard Control Panel. The number and types of protection zones determined by size of the protected object and desired level of security - protection from certain threats. On admission alarm message to the Desk of Central Monitoring, a response group is sent immediately on the protected object, to prevent the offense.

Solutions for cottage village and garage cooperative

House, cottage and garage guarding has its own specifics. First of all, it is a requirement for equipment to maintain performance over a wide temperature range, when installed in unheated rooms, in conditions of high humidity and other environmental influences. Telemak produces a number of the Guard Panels for harsh environments. This devices enclosed in a sealed aluminum body, and can work in the temperature range -30 ... + 50 ° C.

If you need to protect not only the garage in the garage co-op or is not only house in the cottage, then perhaps the best solution is an organization of their own small panel in the guard room. In the minimum version required for this one computer, a special modem and the software «Antej» or «Raduga».

Solutions for autonomous guard

Autonomous guard of object it's when no security organization maintains the protected object, the user itself takes alarm messages and taking any measures to prevent threats (eg, calling a police patrol). This version has a definite advantage in the absence of a subscription fee for the object protection.

Solutions for your business

Telemak offers you access control systems (ACS) and automated means of protection. ACS will allow you to take full control over employees ' access to the company's departments. If desired, you can get detailed information about what employees are where and when. Automated protection means is needed to prevent theft of valuable documents, money or equipment. Your company's rooms are equipped with system of sensors and combines them guard panel.

Hardware and software for your security company

The company «Telemak» has extensive experience in organizing of security monitoring service. We can create a system of any complexity and configuration. The unique fail-over and scalability system operates in Moscow through our work. It combines several security panels and can fully function even in case of failure of several lines, or desks. Part of this system is the Desk of Central Monitoring «Raduga», where we have implemented a number of technical ideas to facilitate user interaction with desk and its operation by security company.

City object guard

Our company proposes to implement measures to equip a comprehensive security system on the city critical facilities.

The peculiarity of these objects is that they are generally located in the residential sector, access is not restricted and acts of sabotage on such objects have serious consequences for the livelihood of the city and public safety.

Mobile objects guard

Telemak offers a new service - personal mobile security. It is based on a mobile alarm button "Garuda" which is your personal security. Wherever you are, in emergency case, police or private security companies will always be able to come to your aid.

DCM Raduga customers have free lifetime warranty on all of our production equipment.