Guard Control Panel AS006K «Drozd»
Guard Control Panel AS006K «Drozd» (AS006KD).

Security system "Drozd" is indispensable for the protection of apartments or several closely spaced objects from fire and intruders. It has a built-in keyboard, display, convenient menu. Compared to similar devices it can transmit messages via a public telephone network and network power within the local group. This greatly improves the reliability of the alarm system in case of fault or willful damage of the telephone network. Security is carried out by monitoring the status of alarm loops with security and fire detectors and alarm messages transmission to the monitoring desk.

Device «Drozd» provides connectivity to four alarm loops that reliably protects against intruders at the protected object.

Operating this unit is carried from the built-in keyboard, and monitor its status on the integrated LCD display, moreover, it can be to connected remote LED reflecting its current state.

For convenience disarming and arming of the device are carried out with key fobs and electronic keys tablets within its set. It is possible to use up to nine key fobs or Dallas electronic key with individual codes and their separate identity.

With the key fob or a built-in keyboard is possible to emergency assistance in the dangerous situations.

Device «Drozd» comprises аn electronic relay, which can be used for additional external devices, such as light or sound alarm, for opening the door. Relay can be switched on and off automatically in accordance with the established in the programming mode, or can be turned on or off at any time with keyboard commands.

The device is not afraid of a power failure: it automatically switches to offline mode power supply.

Devices used to protect nearby objects (within one building) are logically combined in a common local group, within which they can interact with each other and transmit a notification from one device to another. This decision substantially improves the reliability and «survivability» of the guard system. In addition, when you combine multiple «Drozd»devices into a single local group, some devices in this group can be used to protect objects which have not a telephone line.

The interaction of these devices within a local group does not require any additional communication lines; information is exchanged on the power supply 220V by signals encoded in a special way.

In the event of failure of one or more «Drozd» devices an alarm message will be transferred to the monitoring desk.

In addition to the possibility of transmission via a telephone line and the power supply (within the local group), the device is able to connect to the repeater «Fobos» using automated tactics of arming and disarming, allowing you to use it with the standard security panel.

Easy to install, configure and use makes «Drozd» indispensable for the protection of collective and nearby objects.

Communication channels

Sending notices in the alarm system «Drozd» is carried out on the following channels:

  • city telephone network (two telephone numbers);
  • mains supply (within the local group);
  • repiter «Fobos» (using the built-in electronic relay).

Local group

Several closely spaced devices can be connected to a local group, and, if you can not send the message to the monitoring desk of any instance «Drozd» directly provided automatically relay messages through another instance (or several). Communication between devices within a local group is provided by the mains 220V.

Transmission protocols

The device supports the following transmission protocols:

  • advanced ADEMCO ID Contact;
  • «Presto».

Device «Drozd» is available in two versions – AS006K and AS006KD. AS006K version is designed to work with the key fobs, and AS006KD version – to work with Dallas electronic keys.


Control of this unit carried out with built-in keyboard (12 keys). status monitoring – by built-in indicator. To perform the basic functions can also be used the key fobs supplied with the unit.

It can be used up to 9 key fobs or Dallas electronic keys.

You can use more key fobs, part of them must have the same codes.

Each keyfob has two buttons: «Security» («1») used for arming and disarming, «Panic» («2») – to send an emergency message.

Protection zones

Device «Drozd» supports up to four protection zones.

To the device can be connected to up to four alarm loops.

Alarm loops parameters are shown in the table below:

Loop power supply 12 V
Rated loop resistance 2.2 kOm
Rated loop resistance in «special» mode 12 kOm
Lower threshold 1.4 kOm
Upper threshold 3.4 kOm
Upper threshold in «special» mode 15 kOm
Maximum loop resistance 0.5 kOm
Minimum leakage loop resistance 20 kOm
Response time in «normal» mode 400 ms
Response time in «fast» mode 60 ms
Response time in «normal» mode 400 ms
Response time in «fast» mode 60 ms

Exit and entry delay

The delay time to the exit and entry can be set in the range 0...255 sec.


The device is powered by AC 220V (+ 22-33), frequency 501 Hz. The power consumed by the device from the mains, do not exceed 10 watts. There is also a built-in backup power supply – metal hydride battery 17R9H. Switching to backup power source and back, and the battery charge when the primary power supply is carried out automatically. A fully charged battery provides the device for at least 2 hours.


The device uses a built-in keyboard.

Control of external devices

Device «Drozd» has electronic relay with normally-open contacts are designed for connection of additional external devices (such as light or sound alarm) or to work with «Fobos»repiter. Maximum current switching relay – 150 mA, maximum voltage - 230 V. Relay can be switched on and off automatically, according to set programming mode and can be turned on or off at any time by commands from the keyboard.

External devices power

It is possible to connect the additional 12V devices: (light or acoustic alarms, detectors, etc.). You may connect devices with a total current up to 250 mA.


Device «Drozd» provides management and viewing event log. Log capacity is 32 events.


Alarm messages from the device are transmitted through the telephone line.

Within the local group messages are transmitted over the power supply.

The device can periodically send its status test messages to the monitoring desk. Periodicity of sending test messages over a telephone line is programmed within the 4 ... 255 hours.

Provides the possibility of rapid diagnosis, including loop monitoring and communication test with the monitoring desk.


Dimensions of security device «Drozd» no more 154x 111x 45 mm., Weight not more than 0.5 kg

Operating temperature range from + 1° C to + 40° C, with relative humidity to 90% at 25° C.

Scope of delivery

Scope of delivery device «Drozd» is shown in the table:

Guard Control Panel AS006K «Drozd» 1 pcs
Light emitting diode АЛ307Б АА0.336.076ТУ 1 pcs
Resistor С2-33-0.25 2.2 kOm ОЖ0.467.173ТУ 4 pcs
Key fob (for AS006K only) 2 pcs
Contactor DS9092 (for AS006KD only) 1 pcs
Electronic key DS1990 (for AS006KD only) 2 pcs
Manual 1 copy
Package 1 set

At the customer request the device is equipped with Dallas electronic keys (AS006KD) or more key fobs.