Guard Control Panel AS006B «Strig»
Guard Control Panel AS006B

The security system "Strig" is ideal for protection of apartments and small spaces from fire and intruders. "Strig" has a built-in keyboard, display, user-friendly menu. Compared with similar devices is capable of multi-channel messaging both public telephone network and mobile communication network GSM. This greatly improves the alarm system reliability in case of fault or willful damage the telephone network. The device analyzes information from sensors and sends a message to the monitoring desk.

The device "Strig" supports up to 29 protection zones that protects against intruders at the protected object.

Can be used both wired and radio detectors of any type (ADEMCO, NAPCO, Rif-Ring 1, and so on) that are connected directly to the device without additional hardware.

The device supports different message formats and can work with modern equipment of monitoring desk and with equipment over the old model.

For ease of arm / disarm the device is controlled by key fobs and electronic keys within its set.

In the "Strig" uses a keyfob with a floating code Keeloq system, patented by Microchip, eliminating the possibility to crack a code.

With the key fob or the built-in keyboard there is a possibility of an emergency call assistance in the dangerous situations.

The device comprises an electronic switch (relay), which can be used for additional external devices, such as light or sound alarm, for opening the door. Relay can be switched on and off automatically in accordance with the established in the programming mode, or can be turned on or off at any time by the commands from the remote key fob and keyboard.

In case of alarm or decrease the balance value on the operator account below a set limit, device sends SMS to user's mobile phone. SMS transfer can be turned on or off.

"Strig" has the ability to manage SMS messages from user’s mobile phone. Sending an appropriate message, the object can be arm / disarm, performing the device test, on or off the relay. To ensure the safety, each control SMS message must contain the ID and password.

This device is not afraid of power failure: it automatically switches to offline mode, and a message is transmitted to the security desk.

The system automatically informs the user about the backup battery and the decrease in the cash balance value in operator account.

To ensure the "survivability" of the security system several devices can be connected to a local group: if any instance of "Strig" can’t send the message to the desk itself, the messages relaying through another instance (or several) automatic. The connection between them within local groups is provided by the radio.

Easy to install, setup and use makes the device "Strig" indispensable for the protection of small and medium-sized objects.

Сommunication channels

Notices transmission in the security system "Strig" is carried out via three communication channels:

  • City Telephone Network (by setting dial-up telephone connections);
  • Mobile communication network GSM (by setting dial telephone connection or using GPRS).

Local group

Multiple devices can be combined in a local group, in this case, if you can not send the message to the monitoring desk by any instance of "Strig" directly, provides automatic relay messages through another instance (or several). Communication between devices within a local group is provided on the radio, at a frequency of 433.92 MHz. The communication range in open space – up to 500 m, in room conditions, the operating range is significantly reduced.

Transmission protocols

The device supports four notice protocols:

  • advanced ADEMCO ID Contact;
  • ADEMCO Express;
  • "Presto";
  • Digital GPRS data transfer (supports either permanent connection or a specific message).


To control this device can be used:

  • The built-in keyboard;
  • Key fobs;
  • Electronic tablet keys;
  • User’s Mobile Phone.

The device uses Keeloq key fob system with variable code, eliminating of code cracking. Key fobs allow arming section (including full, perimeter, skipping defective areas), disarming and sending a call to an emergency; some of these functions may be disabled if necessary.

It can be used up to 9 key fobs and electronic tablet keys.

Protection zones

The device "Strig" supports up to 29 zones of protection: up to four wired detectors and / or to nineteen radio detectors.

Directly to the device can be connected to up to four alarm loops.