Guard Control Panel AS006H «Solovej»
Guard Control Panel AS006H «Solovej»

Security system "Solovej" is very convenient for the protection of apartments, office and industrial buildings from fire and intruders. Includes ATS100 transmitter for the transmission of messages by radio, which increases the reliability of the security system in case of failure to transmission over GSM. Compared to similar devices "Solovej" has the ability to operate on objects that do not have wired telephone network, significantly expanding its scope. The device analyzes the information from the sensors and transmits a message to the monitoring desk and to the user's mobile phone.

Device «Solovej» supports up to six protection zones that fully protects from intruders at the protected object.

Operating this unit carried out with a remote keyboard ADEMCO 6145, and control of its state - with the external indication.

For convenience of disarming and arming «Solovej» performed remotely - with key fobs in its package.

Also, with a key fob it is possible of emergency assistance in the dangerous situations.

In addition, you can disarming and arming with a remote keyboard connected to the device.

Security device «Solovej» has a composed relay to connect additional external devices, such as light or sound alarm, for opening the door. The relay can be switched on and off automatically, according to the programming mode or can be turned on or off at any time with keyboard commands.

To improve the reliability of the device provides the possibility of rapid diagnosis, including the loops monitoring, battery monitoring, checks of radio and GSM-modem, communication checks with monitoring desk. The device can periodically send its status test messages to the monitoring desk. Text messages can be sent on any of the possible communication routes (including all simultaneously).

Also «Solovej» allows you to arm an object with faults, including fault in some loops (if its omission from the list of protected areas).

This device is not afraid of power failure: it automatically switches to offline mode and back power.

When a power failure, the battery discharges and restoring the power supply device transmits the corresponding message.

Easy to install, configure and use, and the ability to operate over a wide temperature range (- 10 to +40) security device makes «Solovej» indispensable for the protection of administrative and industrial buildings.

Communication channels

Sending notices in «Solovej» security system is carried out via the following communication channels

  • two telephone numbers for the transmission in digital format (ADEMCO Contact ID or ADEMCO Express);
  • one phone number for notification in text form (SMS);
  • radio LARS.

Transmission protocols

The device supports the following notice protocols:

  • advanced ADEMCO ID Contact;
  • ADEMCO Express;
  • radio LARS.


To control this device can be used:

  • remote keyboard;
  • key fobs;

This device provides up to four key fobs with individual codes and their separate identification. Each key fob has two buttons: «Security» («1») used for arming and disarming, «Panic» («2») – to send an emergency message (if you need one of these features can be turned off).

Protection zones

Device «Solovej» supports up to six protection zones.

You can connect to up to six alarm loops. Loops power supply - 12V. The device captures three loop states: a closed, normal and open in «normal», «fast», «special» modes. In «protected» mode the device fixed 5 states: normal, triggering of one sensor, triggering two or more sensors, circuit loop and break loop.

You can connect the loop powered sensors with a supply voltage of 12V and total input current to 0.6 mA in normal mode or to 1.5 mA in «special» mode. You can also use sensors with external power supply, and the sensors can be powered from the device if not exceeding the maximum current (0.8 A for all external devices).

The mode of each zone is set individually in the device programming.

Alarm loops parameters are shown in the table below:


Loop power supply 12 V
Rated loop resistance:  
«normal», «fast» modes 2.2 kOm
«protected» 2.2 kOm
«special» mode 12 kOm
Lower thresholds  
«normal», «fast» modes 1.4 kOm
«special» mode 1.4 kOm
«protected» mode 1.79, 1.26, 0.75 kOm
Upper threshold  
«normal», «fast» modes 3.4 kOm
«special» mode 15 kOm
«protected» mode 2.65, 3.67, 15 kOm
Maximum loop resistance 0.5 kOm
Minimum leakage loop resistance 20 kOm
Response time in «normal» mode 400 ms
Response time in «fast» mode 60 ms

Exit and entry delay

The delay time to the exit and entry can be set in the range 0...180 sec.


The device is powered by AC 220V (+ 22-33), frequency 501 Hz. The power consumed by the device from the mains, do not exceed 40 watts. There is also a built-in power backup power supply (optional) - battery FIAM-GS 7.2 Ah. Switching to backup power source and back, and the battery charge when the primary power supply is carried out automatically. A fully charged battery provides the device for at least 24 hours (without additional devices).


The device uses remote keyboard ADEMCO 6145.

Control of external devices

Device «Solovej» has relay designed for connection of additional external devices (such as light or sound the alarm). Maximum current switching relay - 2 A, maximum voltage - 400 V. Relay can be switched on or off according to the user defined events at a specified time or the commands from the keyboard.

The external devices power

You can connect a power supply external devices (light or acoustic alarms, detectors, etc.) with a supply voltage of 12V. You may connect devices with a total current up to 0.8 A.


Device «Solovej» provides management and viewing event log. Log capacity is 32 events.


Alarm messages from the device are transmitted to the monitoring desk and / or the user's mobile phone as an SMS message.

The device can periodically send its status test messages to the monitoring desk. Periodicity of sending test messages is programmed within the 2 ... 18 hours. Test messages may be sent on any of the possible communications channels (including all simultaneously).

Provides the possibility of rapid diagnosis, including the loops monitoring, battery monitoring, checks of radio and GSM-modem, check connection with monitoring desk.


Dimensions of security device «Solovej» (excluding antennas) no more 230x 110x 230 mm., Weight not more than 6 kg.

Operating temperature range from – 10°C to + 40° C, with relative humidity to 90% at 25° C.

Scope of delivery

Scope of delivery «Solovej» is shown in the table.


Guard Control Panel AS006H «Solovej» 1 pcs
Remote keyboard ADEMCO 6145RU 1 pcs
Antenna ADA-0062 1 pcs
Antenna LARS 1 pcs
Light emitting diode АЛ307Б АА0.336.076ТУ 1 pcs
Resistor С2-33-0.25 2.2кОм ОЖ0.467.173ТУ 6 pcs
Key fob 2 pcs
Manual 1 copy
Technical description of radio transmitter ATS100 1 copy
Package 1 set

On customer request, the device is equipped with a large number of key fobs, battery, light siren «Mayak».