Guard Control Panel AS006S «Snegir»
Guard Control Panel AS006S Snegir (AS006R, AS006N).

Snegir security system is ideal for the protection crucial importance facilities from fire and intruders. Snegir connects to the monitoring desk via Ethernet. Compared to similar devices the connection between device and monitoring desk is maintained continuously, to ensure continuous monitoring of the device and the protected object status. The device is available in three versions: AS006S, AS006SN, AS006SR. "Snegir" AS006SN, AS006SR versions have an additional channel communications - GSM network; AS006S, AS006SN versions support PoE (Power over Ethernet) and provides power from the Ethernet.

Device «Snegir» supports up to 40 protection zones that fully protects against intruders at the secure facility.

Can be used as a wired zone extenders ADEMCO 4229 and radio extenders ADEMCO 5881.

For the convenience disarming and arming the device is operated with key fobs included in its package.

In device «Snegir» uses a keyfob with a floating code Keeloq system, patented by Microchip, eliminating the possibility to crack a code.

Each key fob has four buttons and allows you to do the following:

  • arming the object;
  • arming the object with skipping defective zones;
  • arming only perimeter zones;
  • disarming the object;
  • sending an emergency call.

If necessary, the unused portion of these functions can be disabled.

In addition to the key fobs you can use electronic keys iButton («electronic tablets»), This device supports up to 9 keys. Electronic keys and key fobs can be used simultaneously.

This device is able to connect the keyboard ADEMCO 6128, which can be used to control the device, display its status, as well as for programming.

All control and programming functions are also available from any computer via the Web interface. To work with a Web interface you can use any common browser (Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, etc.).

In dangerous situation can be sent «an emergency call for help». This message can be sent from the keyboard, key fob or by pressing the alarm button.

The device comprises two programmable relays, which can be used for additional external devices, such as light or sound alarm, for opening the door. The relay can be switched on and off automatically in accordance with programming mode, and moreover, each of them can be enabled or disabled at any time by commands from the keyboard.

The device «Snegir» AS006SN, AS006SR versions automatically controls the communication operator’s balance and transmits notification to the monitoring desk, and SMS-messages to the users mobile phone when the value of balance below. Also, the balance at any time can be verified by the user (some mobile operators may not support the possibility of the balance sheet).

The device has the ability to control with SMS messages from a users mobile phone. Sending an appropriate message device section can be armed or disarmed, made the device test, on or off the relay (all functions or part of them may be disabled). To ensure the safety, each control SMS message must contain the ID and password. In addition, it may be set to permit control via SMS from certain telephone numbers.

This device is not afraid of a power failure: it automatically switches to offline mode power supply, and a message is transmitted to the monitoring desk.

Easy to install, setup and use makes «Snegir» indispensable for the protection of facilities and household goods.

Communication channels

Sending notices in the alarm system «Snegir» is carried out on the following channels:

  • by Ethernet;
  • by GSM network (GPRS).

Device «Snegir» device is produced in three versions. Differences between versions are shown in table.


  AS006S AS006SN AS006SR
GSM/GPRS no yes yes
PoE yes yes no


Transmission protocols

The device provides network Ethernet IEEE 802.3 10BaseT/100BaseT using TCP/IP. Data transmission rate 10/100 Mbit/sec.

This device also supports protocols: ARP, ICMP, DHCP, UDP, HTTP. Data exchange with the monitoring desk is encrypted unique to each device instance key.

«Snegir» AS006S, AS006SN versions supports PoE (Power over Ethernet) according to IEEE 802.3af (Class 3) and powers from the Ethernet.


To control this device can be used:

  • remote keyboard;
  • key fobs;
  • electronic tablet keys;
  • any Web-based computer;
  • user’s Mobile Phone.

In device «Snegir» uses Keeloq key fob system by Microchip with «floating» (changing each time you press) code, in addition, each recorded key fob unique product code and unique serial number. The device used special measures to avoid the possibility of code scanning transmitter and its imitation by intruder.

Key fobs allow arming (including skip faulty zones), arming the perimeter only, disarming and sending a emergency call; if necessary, unused portion of these functions may be disabled.

Protection zones

«Snegir» Snegir supports up to 40 protection zones; you can connect directly to seven alarm loops, the remaining loops are connected by means of extenders.

The device provides wired zone extender ADEMCO 4229 and radio zone extender ADEMCO 5881.

Mode is set individually for each zone in the programming device.

Parameters of the main loops are listed in the table below:


Loop power supply 12 V
Rated loop resistance:  
modes «normal», «fast» 2.2 kOm
«protected» 2.2 kOm
mode «special» 12 kOm
Lower thresholds  
modes «normal», «fast» 1.4 kOm
mode «special» 1.4 kOm
mode «protected» 1.79, 1.26, 0.75 kOm
Upper threshold  
modes «normal», «fast» 3.4 kOm
mode «special» 15 kOm
mode «protected» 2.65, 3.67, 15 kOm
The maximum loop resistance 0.5 kOm
Minimum leakage loop resistance 20 kOm
The response time in «normal»mode 400 ms
The response time in «fast»mode 60 ms

 The exit and entry delay

The delay time to the exit and entry can be set in the range 0...198 sec.


The device is powered by AC 220V (+ 22-33), frequency 501 Hz, (the power consumed by the device from the mains, do not exceed 20 watts), or from by Ethernet network according to the IEEE 802.3af (Class 3). There is also a built-in power backup power supply - battery FIAM-GS 4.5 Ah. Switching to backup power source and back, and the battery charge when the primary power supply is carried out automatically. A fully charged battery provides the device for at least 24 hours (without additional devices).


In device «Snegir»is used remote keyboard ADEMCO 6128.

Control of external devices

The device has two programmable relays designed for connection of additional external devices (such as light or sound alarm, etc.). Maximum current switching relay - 2 A, maximum voltage - 400 V. The relays can be controlled independently by set events and / or time.

The external devices power

You can connect a power supply external devices (light or acoustic alarms, detectors, etc.) with a supply voltage of 12V. You may connect devices with a total current up to 0.8 A when powered by 220V and up to 0.25 A when powered by the Ethernet.


Device «Snegir» provides management and viewing event log. Log capacity is 64 events. The device also stores up to nine user passwords, enforcement password and the installer password, protecting against unauthorized interference in its work.


Alarm messages from device is transmitted to the monitoring desk by the Ethernet and / or by the network GSM, and to the user's mobile phone as an SMS message (for AS006SN, AS006SR versions).

Device «Snegir» provides monitoring of the loop health, zone extenders health (if used), the presence of primary power and the battery charge, the proprietary information integrity, the serviceability of Ethernet, the continuous monitoring of the connection with the server on the monitoring desk. It providing the reliability and safety of the whole system. If necessary, the device allows to arm the object with faults, including failure of some loops (if its omission from the protected zones list).

The device suppress the faulty sensors bounce, reducing the number of false alarms.

It also provides automatic download and install the latest version of the resident software from the manufacturer's website.

Dimensions of security device «Snegir» no more 200x 210x 60 mm., Weight not more than 3.5 kg.

Operating temperature range from + 1° C to + 40° C, with relative humidity to 90% at 25° C.

Scope of delivery

Scope of delivery «Snegir» is shown in the table below.


Guard Control Panel AS006S «Snegir» 1 pcs
Light emitting diode АЛ307Б АА0.336.076ТУ 1 pcs
Antenna ADA-0062 (для исполнений AS006SN, AS006SR) 1 pcs
Resistor С2-33-0.25 2.2кОм ОЖ0.467.173ТУ 7 pcs
Radio fob 2 pcs
Manual 1 copy
Package 1 set

On customer request, the device is equipped with electronic keys Dallas, a large number of key fobs, battery, remote keyboard, built-in Ethernet hub, zone extenders.