Guard Device AS009М
Guard Control Panel AS009М.

Guard Device "Antej AS009M» is made in a sealed housing and is ideal for protection of unheated buildings from fire and intruders. Compared to similar devices it has the ability to send messages by radio. This makes it possible to use it in places where there is no any wired and mobile communications. The device analyzes the information from sensors, and sends a message to the monitoring desk (via radio).

«Antej AS009M» supports up to 7 protection zones that fully protects against intruders at the secure facility.

For ease of disarming and arming the device is operated by key fob RX3302, its status is displayed by «Mayak» remote indicator. The device provides the programming The device provides the programming key fobs codes. Loops status displayed by LEDs installed inside the enclosure.

Device «Antej AS009M» provides the service parameters programming and stores them in nonvolatile memory.

This device detects opening and restore the integrity of the body and transmits notification to the radio.

This device is not afraid of power failure: it automatically switches to offline power mode.

Easy to install, setup and use, the sealed housing makes «Antej AS009M» indispensable for the protection of small and medium-sized facilities in difficult climatic conditions.

Communication channels

Notices sending in the security system «Antej AS009M» carried out via radio «LARS».


The device is operated by key fob «RX3302», its status is displayed by «Mayak» remote indicator.

Protection zones

Device «Antej AS009M» supports up to 7 protection zones.

Loops status displayed by LEDs installed inside the enclosure. «Antej AS009M» fixes the following loops states:

  • normal,
  • actuation of normally open detector in the loop,
  • circuit loop (for fire loops),
  • actuation of normally closed detector in the loop,
  • break the loop (for fire loops).

Exit and entry delay

The delay time to the exit and entry is 30 seconds.


The device is powered by AC 220V (+ 22-33), frequency 50 Hz. The power consumed by the device from the mains, do not exceed 30 watts. There is also a built-in power backup power supply – maintenance-free battery 12V, capacity 7 Ah, ensuring trouble-free operation for 6 hours when disconnecting the primary power supply. Switching to backup power source and back, and the battery charge is carried out automatically.

External devices power

Device «Antej AS009M» provides power to the receiving and transmitting of the detectors, the supply voltage (12,6 ± 0,5) V for total current consumption of 1.2 A.


If you found flashing remote indicator when the object is armed, it means the security alarm was recorded in this session.


Alarm messages from the device are transmitted to the monitoring desk by «LARS» radio.

The device sends its status test messages to the monitoring desk with 6 hours periodicity.

Dimensions of security device «Antej AS009M» no more 230x 110x 230 mm., Weight not more than 4 kg.

Operating temperature range from -30°C to +50°C, with relative humidity to 98%.

Scope of delivery

Scope of delivery «Antej AS009M» is shown in the table.


Product identification Product name Q-ty Serial No Note
ТДГА.425635.005 Guard Device «Antej AS009M» 1 pce.    
  key fob «RX3302» 2 pcs.    
  Battery (12 V 7.2 Ah) 1 pce.   Available separately
ТДГА.425635.005 ПС Guard Device «Antej AS009M». Passport 1 copy.