Mobile alarm button "Garuda"
Mobile alarm button

This device continuously determines its location on the earth's surface and transmits them to the monitoring desk together with his condition; thus, on the desk fixed all user's movements track, which ensures its reliable communication with the monitoring desk in dangerous situations and the possibility of emergency aid. In addition, the current position can be transmitted to the user's mobile phone via SMS (on request, also send an SMS of a certain format) or SMS with a link to a Google map with its location. There is also a possibility of autonomous operation of the alarm button. The coordinates transfer will be in the form of SMS. "Garuda" also has a shock sensor to protect the car and volume sensor for the protection of the premises.

The operation principle of a mobile alarm button "Garuda" is the following. In operation, the device continuously determines its location on the earth's surface using a global positioning satellite system GLONASS / GPS. In the event of danger of user’s life or property, or another critical situation, he clicks on the "Alarm" and an alarm with the device coordinates is transmitted via GSM to the monitoring desk; and operator sends the armed outfit to assist the user.

If GLONASS/GPS signal is absent (in the basement, in the enclosed space), "Garuda" defines the coordinates roughly based on the position of the nearest mobile communication base stations.

You can see the current position of one or more "Garuda" on your computer by downloading and installing the Colibri bar. This program is an Internet Explorer add-in, and can be installed on almost any computer. Colibri bar with a single click allows you to see the mobile alarm button location using Google-maps (maps.google.ru) or Yandex maps (maps.yandex.ru).

"Garuda" GPS Receiver based on TranSystem chipset, has a built-in low noise amplifier and SAW filter, ensuring reliable operation in a weak and reflected signals (in the room).

"Garuda" is connected to the computer via USB. The connection to the computer is to configure the device settings; in addition, the alarm button can be used as a regular GPS receiver. The navigation data is transmitted in NMEA 0183 format. Connecting to a computer can be done for recharging the device battery.

The button is powered from the built-in battery. The duration of the battery depends on the set mode, and can reach more than one week.

The presence in this device shock sensor and volume sensor allowed to use it to protect the car and a small room, and simplicity and usability, small size and weight make the mobile alarm button "Garuda" indispensable for personal safety.

The specific mode of the Button - is bugging mode. In this mode, the Button hidden installed in the vehicle or, for example, in the accompanied cargo, without connecting to a power source. While "Garuda" is in sleep, passive state. Any radio emission from the Button in passive mode is missing, making it impossible to detect with radiation detectors. If you want to discover the location of the Button and tracking object (for example, in case of vehicle theft) it can be activated remotely from the monitoring desk or through SMS, then it works in the usual mode, determining and transmitting their position. Also "Garuda" can be remotely converted back to the passive state. In the passive state the Button monitors the battery and sends a message when the battery discharge below the threshold. In addition, the charge degree can be remotely controlled at any time. "Garuda" time spent in passive mode with no power - up to six months.

Communication channels

In mobile alarm button "Garuda" data transmission is performed via GPRS.

The device has built-in MTS operator SIM chip and also allows you to set a standard SIM card from another operator that provides very high reliability.

Mobile alarm button "Garuda" works in GSM network 900/1800 MHz ranges, Phase 2+, class 4 (900 MHz, 2 W) and Class 1 (1800 MHz, 1 W). The information is transmitted via GPRS Class 10.


"Garuda" uses satellite navigation GLONASS and GPS to determine its location. GLONASS / GPS sensitivity: -167 dBm (tracking mode), -157 dBm (capture mode). Number of channels: 99 (detection), 33 (capture). The cold start time less than 30 sec. The coordinates determining accuracy not worse than 7 m in open space and no worse than 30 m indoors.

In addition, in the absence of GLONASS/GPS signals "Garuda" defines the coordinates roughly based on the position of the nearest mobile communication base stations. This method determines the position quickly, but with great accuracy.

Transmission protocols

"Garuda" can also be used as a Navigator (navigation data is transmitted in NMEA0183 format).

Control and display

To control this unit are three buttons on its body; and its setting through PC.

The unit status is shown on the OLED graphic display. To save battery, after 30 sec. inactivity, the display automatically turns off; to enable it, press any button.

The top line of the display in yellow shows the current status:

  • GSM signal level;
  • GLONASS/GPS signal level and visible satellites number;
  • the battery charge degree.

In standby mode, the display in text form shows the current status of communication with the server and coordinates determining process; there displays errors and messages recorded by the device in the process. The bottom line of the display shows the current time, synchronized with the satellites.

Safety sensors

"Garuda" has a shock sensor with adjustable sensitivity and infrared volume sensor with 5m detection zone size.


Mobile alarm button is powered by the built-in lithium-ion battery. The battery duration depends on the set mode. At 10 min periodic communication with the server "Garuda" works more than two days without charging, when setting economy mode – 10 or more days. The battery charging can be done using the AC or car charger or via computer USB port. The charging time of fully discharged battery is 2 - 3 hours.

The dimensions of the mobile alarm button 88 x 52 x 20 mm, weight not more than 95 g.

Operating temperature range from + 1° C to + 40° C, with relative humidity to 90% at 25° C (UHL 4 group according to GOST 15150-69).

The device provides electromagnetic compatibility in accordance with a group of hardness 3 according to GOST 50009-92.

Scope of delivery

Mobile alarm button "Garuda" 1 pce
Charger Nokia AC-10 (220V) 1 pce
Charger Nokia DC-6 (12B) 1 pce
Passport 1 copy
Software CD 1 copy
Package 1 set