Operation of security systems

Basic principles

All security and fire system, as a whole, are working on the same scheme: In the building (apartment, company, country house, etc.) are established a system of sensors, by readings which we can confidently claim to be anyone in a protected area or not. The sensors come in different types and operating principles: infrared, noise, magnetic, etc., but for the whole scheme, their task is to just to close or to open the wire let down to them. All sensors on the object is usually controlled by a single device — Guard Control Panel, and it contains all the "intelligence" of the security system.

If an intruder or fire is found within the protected perimeter, one or more sensors triggers and transmits a signal to the GCP (Guard Control Panel). Further, an alarm is sent to DCM, where it is handled by operators at any time of day or night. Operators immediately contact with the nearest response team, tell them the address, object plan, and indicate which sensor was triggered. Response team is immediately sent to the scene. After that there is the detention of criminals, or if for some reason was a false alarm, the outfit reports to DCM that everything is calm at the facility. If false alarm persists, the outfit remains on the object until eliminate hardware problems.

The scheme of work multi-alarm systems

At the dawn of the automated security systems development, all GCP can be divided into several groups, on most important feature — data transmission channel. Most often used to connect an ordinary telephone line, also met devices that transmit a signal on the radio channel (usually at the objects that do not have access to the telephone network); later with the popularity of mobile phones became available alarm transmits a message over the GSM network. The above mentioned signal pathways are the most popular and to this day, however, in advanced GCP are used several channels in combination with each other, i.e. if one channel becomes unavailable, an alarm message is transmitted via another, which greatly increases system reliability.

Also not to mention about devices AS006K «Drozd» and AS006S «Snegir». Several "Drozds" are installed within one entrance, able to "communicate" through a common power outlet. Thus, if one device during a robbery will be disconnected from the telephone line, the other will still pass to the desk the alarm message. For more information, read the article «"Antej" — a combined system of the notices». AS006S «Snegir" is remarkable in that it uses the Internet network signal. The device is equipped with two relays to which you can connect any electrical appliances. For example, when leaving on vacation — programmed "Snegir" to it every night at seven o'clock turned on the light, and at twelve had turned it off in order to scare off intruders. Or, while you are in another point of the Earth —to turn on the TV in your apartment through the Internet.