The control by SMS

Control by SMS

Our production Control Panel allow you to control using an SMS - to perform certain actions remotely by an SMS with the specified parameters.
In different types of devices, the command set is slightly different, the full list is as follows:

  • Arming
  • Disarming
  • Status check
  • Device reset
  • Test message sending
  • Relay turn on or off

It may be particularly useful relay control to turn on those or other actuators. For example, in advance before you arrive you can turn on the heating in a country house, sending a corresponding SMS. SMS control handy to use together with SMS alert, in this case after sending an SMS with the command, you get response SMS about its performance.

SMS command is usually as follows:


It includes:

  • device ID (NNNN),
  • user password (PPPP),
  • command (CCC).

SMS is typed in English font, case does not matter. Commands - one-word (OPEN, CLOSE, RESET, etc.). In some instances, a number is added - for example, the number of relay, if more than one; or section number, if your device supports partitioning.

The user password and device ID are required for security - so no one else could control Your device without Your knowledge. Attempts to crack passwords are fixed, in this case a notification is sent to the Desk of Centralized Monitoring, and the device control via SMS for a while disabled.

Devices in programming allow you to enable or disable the SMS control, in whole or in part. For example, it may be allowed remote arming and relay control, but not disarm (for security purposes). In addition, for security reasons, you may control as from any phone number, and from certain numbers, defined when programming the device.

Details of SMS control programming You can find in the corresponding device manual.