The use of SMS alerts

SMS alerts using

Object devices of our production provide SMS alert - sending short messages to specified phone numbers, to immediately notify you about certain events that occurred in the protected object. The user gets to his mobile phone message that resembles the following:

  • "Arming by user 3"
  • "Alarm in zone 4"
  • "Power failure"
  • "Attention, danger of fire"

SMS notification can be used in two ways:

  • Together with the panel protection - in this case, alarms are transmitted to the Desk of Centralized Monitoring for directing response teams, and relevant SMS messages to user’s mobile phone for its early information.
  • For autonomous protection - alarms are only transmitted to the user’s mobile phone as an SMS, and he decides on calling the police or taking another action for the protection of the object. This option does not require maintenance of any security structure, therefore there is no need to pay monthly for protection.

Programming the SMS alerts is not difficult. Some nuances of programming are different in various devices, but in general, you must make the following entries:

  • Telephone numbers for the alert. Various types of devices allow you to specify a different number of phones, from 3 to 14. Of course, can be used and less of them, for example only one phone number. All phone numbers must be entered completely, with the code of the operator, for example 89161234567. This also applies to so-called "direct" numbers.
  • The types of events that should alert the users. All events are divided into the following groups: alarm, fault, arming and disarming, test, system. As a rule, there is no need to notify all events (although, if necessary, this can be used), is commonly used notification of alarms and faults, or just alarms.

Details of SMS alerts programming You can find in the corresponding device manual.