Local group

Our security devices AS006K «Drozd», AS006B «Strig»founded on the so-called principle of "collective security", based on the interaction of several Guard Panels with each other.

It is realized as follows. The closely spaced objects (for example apartments in the same house or rooms in the same building), with security devices, can be connected together in a local group, within which they exchange messages with each other. The Guard Panels interact with each other in a transparent manner, invisible to the user and does not require laying additional lines. In AS006K «Drozd» devices transmit messages to each other by the mains of 220V, in AS006B «Strig» - on the radio. The communication range depends on many factors, and usually allows for interaction between rooms or apartments in the same building.

When an intruder penetrates the object, the security device detects it and attempts to transmit the alarm signal by telephone line or via GSM. If it is impossible to transmit the message (due to the fault or the attacker actions) the device sends an alarm message to the other one in the local group, and already another device relays the alarm message to DCM. And incoming to the DCM message will contain information about the object which recorded an alarming situation.

Security devices working together in a local group continuously monitor the health of each other and the connection state, and in any faults (accidental or intentional) in connection with one of the security devices, a message from another device passed to the desk. Using the devices connected to a local group for the protection of closely spaced objects, greatly improves the reliability and survivability of all security system.