Control of external devices

The Guard Control Panels, as a rule, have in their composition or allow the connection of external relays to external devices control.

All Guard Panels of our production have one or two built-in relays, and allow you to connect external relays; total number of supported relays - from 1 to 9 (depending on the device type). There are extremely wide ability to manage the relay; they can be switched on and off as follows.

  • On specified events in the programming. For example, the relay can be switched on when arming and off for any alarm or disarming. Each relay can be individually adjusted up to 16 events for which it will be switched on or off.
  • By schedule - set the day and time the relay on and off, all can be set to 8 slots on-off. This feature can be used, for example, to automatically turn-off lighting, simulating the presence of people in the house, or in other cases.
  • By SMS sent to Guard Panel phone number.
  • Manually at any time from the device keyboard.

The relay can be switched on permanently or for a specified time, it can also be specified "flashing" mode.

Relays can be used to connect a light or sound alarm devices, actuators, switch on and off electrical appliances. For example, the built-in relay can be used to open the gate in the garage or cottage upon disarming. Relay activation via SMS can be used for pre-heating of a country house.

A special case of the use of relay - connecting the monitor of the telephone line through direct connection repiter, it is necessary to connect the Guard Device to the Monitoring Desk.